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AIM (Overall goal you want to achieve by tackling harmful narratives in your local community):
To decrease the hate speech from the local people against the migrants coming in/through our country and change their perspective on migrants/refugees and their intentions
Make sure the locals accept them when they come and see that they’re humans as us, with their own religion and culture

OBJECTIVES (Specific and measurable steps that you will take to achieve your aim):
Make a workshop with local people
Present them the difference between migrant and refugee
Tell them positive, good stories (experiences) with refugees, so they see not everything is negative. With that, make them less judgmental towards and frightened of refugees


Activity Description:
Workshop with participants in the exchange and some locals.

Target Group(s):
People on the exchange and some locals.

Resources Needed (e.g. materials, equipment, space, etc.):
Pens, papers, the hostel from MC Bit

Activity Description:
Lecture by sociologist with local people and a discourse with a former refugee.

Target Group(s): locals

Resources Needed (e.g. materials, equipment, space, etc.):
The room from our local library.

Online campaign that follows the activity:
Before: press release
After: share pictures and goals we achieved on Facebook, Instagram