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AIM (Overall goal you want to achieve by tackling harmful narratives in your local community):

Provide a friendly and safe ground for the youth, Turkish and Greek Cypriots to meet and get to know each other, share their stories, backgrounds and realities in order to break the glass ceiling between the two communities and raise awareness. We want to erase all political and historical stereotypes and prejudices and embrace each other as individuals and eliminate hate speech.

OBJECTIVES (Specific and measurable steps that you will take to achieve your aim):
We will bring the two communities together for a noble cause through donations for the families in Cyprus that are in need, in order to help empower the youth and show that both sides can unite and work together despite our differences. Each community has certain economic and social problems so we believe that, through donating and contributing, we can create strong bonds between people and get pass the negative mindset about each other.


Activity Description:

Youth vs. Hate
An outdoor event consisting of the following activities.
Ice Breakers: Name& Interests, Web game
Team Building:
• Human Bingo
• 3 Truths/1 Lie
• 20 Min Break
• Introduction
• Fairytale Narratives
• 15 Min Break
• Match the Country
• Line up
• BBQ Break
• Pin point

• Create an event outline /Schedule
• Contact Local Charity organizations get a better idea for what is needed
• Create and share Facebook event
• Contact potential Sponsors
• Depending on the Sponsors plan the catering
• Gather the Activity Materials needed

Target Group(s):
18-30 (15-20 participants)
Priority will be given to “Turkish Cypriots” and “Greek Cypriots” But the event will be open for everyone to apply

Resources Needed (e.g. materials, equipment, space, etc.):
Outdoor space, paper, pens, drawing material, name tags, wool, water, snacks/food, mats

Online campaign that follows the activity:

Two articles about the Event.
Collect photographic material and videos of the activity.